Elena Vozhakina Height, Bio, Age, weight, Net Worth

Elena Vozhakina Height

  • Name: Elena Vozhakina ( Elena Vozhakina )
  • Middle name: Igorevna
  • Birthday: February 3, 1991 (age 31)
  • Place of birth: St. Petersburg
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg Marital
  • status: not married
  • Career: actress
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius ( characteristic )
  • Eastern horoscope: Goat


Elena Vozhakina is an award-winning Russian theatre and film actress. The inimitable actress Aurora from Igor Draka’s detective melodrama “Aurora’s Glove”, the successful actress Marina from Yuri Vladovsky’s TV series “Labyrinths”, winner of the Breakthrough award as the best young theater actor.


Igor Vzhakin, who was the father of the future actor Igor Vzhakin, had hoped for the birth of a son. But in February 1991 a charming girl was born called Lenuška. Afterwards, she’ll give birth to two daughters named Anisha and Ruslaan.

As an elderly woman named Lena, she ruled everywhere from kindergarten onward. When my mother heard that her daughter had been diagnosed with ADHD, she shrugged her shoulders. She thought everyone would say, “Oh well, at least now we know why she’s so hyper.” But instead they said, “We need to get her into swimming lessons!” After finishing high school, she fulfilled her ambitions in sports and in her chosen career path.

Despite her father’s wish for his daughter to become a lawyer, Elena decided to take the documents to the Saint. Petersburg State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after M More than 200 people took part in the Vozhakina website, so she took part in the Yuri Krasovksy course, which she successfully finished in 2012.

When the head of the famous Alexanderinsky Theatre invited an ambitious actress to live corpses and the play was written by Shakespeare, the talents and extraordinary qualities of the young lady were noticed even at the time of the rice fields. After graduating from college, he invited her to join the theater company.

Vozhakina was an actress who performed plays such as Giovanni Boccaccios’ Pironella Decameron, James Goldmans’ The Lion in Queen Eleanor and Frederico Garcia Lorca’s Albacch Angustias and Tatianas Tolstoyas’ Pauline the Bird at Alexandria Square.

Film and theater

Elena is less than 7 years old and has performed more than 10 roles in shows including William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the shrew, Momodol Doshyevski’s Dream of funny man, and Zero Ritzi. The same person wrote both articles. Besides the small parts of this project, Vzhakina was an even bigger part of it.

Thus, audiences greatly enjoyed her performance in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Agafia Tikhonova at Nikolai Gogols’ wedding, Nina in Mikhail Lermonat’s future memento after the masquerade, Katerina in Peterburgs’ Blessed Xenia About “Katerina”. Love. “Story”, directed by Valery Todorovsky.

She was awarded an unprecedented prize for her outstanding performance in the play “Behind the Curtain” by Andrei Jordak.

2013 brought Elena to her first performance at the theater “Nevsky Prospekt.” “City Plan” and in 2015 – participation in the theatrical performances at St. Petersburg State Academic Capella Theater named after Lomonosov. Petersburg, as well the opening of the Year for Literature in the City on Neva. For her acting career, the series Police War in 2008 was her first big break. There were also Nicole Yegorovna, criminal of the homicide division in Streets of Broken Lights – 11 and secretary Lenuška in Secret Investigation – 9 with Anna Kovalčukova.

The next series, ‘The Cure Against Fear’, shows the actress as a young woman who has been injured in an accident. She tries to make eyes at the lead actor, who plays her role. She was an actress who starred in Angel’s Heart with Mikhail Porechenkova and Andrey Merzlyakov and then she got the lead role of Marusya (Marusia) in Ilya Khotineko’s melodramatic drama Seven Feet Under the Keel.

The multifaceted nature of Katya – the main character of the story about the age-old feud between the Alien and the Nests – was shown in the best possible way through her actions. And 2016 brings the actor a new role of Aurora’s Glove in the detective story Aurora Sinitsyna. There were Marina from Labyrinths and Sasha from Elena Yakovlev’s Deceived Wives Club!

With Dmitry Palamachuk and Alexander Rykov we created a detective trio in the television series “The Defendant” by Maxim Brius. Personal Life Of Elena Vzhakina: What was her childhood like?

Despite her strong desire for a loving and supportive family, Elena has not found the right person with whom she wants to share her life and raise her children. Vzhakin doesn’t report to the public about his novel and even a simple courting, preferring to talk to reporters and fans of creativity and hard work.

Elena Vozhakina now works at the Alexandrinsky Theatre and stars in films. Detective Realization by Viktor Shkuratovsky brought him the main female part of Katya. Her partner was Andrey Kravatchev, who plays the film’s main character, Sergei Yushchenko.


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