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 Irene Khan – Biography

Irene Zubaida Khan has joined Amnesty International as the organization’s seventh Secretary-General
August 2001.

She will take the helm of Amnesty International as the first woman, the first Asian woman and the first Muslim woman to head it the largest human rights organization in the world, the Bangladesh State Irene brings a new perspective organization. As an individual, he brings experience and enthusiasm to give people heart policy.

Irene led Amnesty International to its 40th anniversary a process of change and innovation to address the complex nature of contemporary human rights abuses,
and faced challenging developments after the 9/11 attacks. He has too is at the forefront of expanding the organization’s activities in the field of economic, social and cultural rights, and promote and process internal reforms and changes so that the organization can respond flexibly and quickly in world affairs. Irene updated AI crisis response, high-level personal guidance missions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel / Occupied Territories, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Thailand, the Darfur region of Sudan and Nepal. She is very worried about men in women right, started the process of consulting with women’s activists on the design of the global campaign  Amnesty International Against Violence Against Women, launched in March 2004.

Irene is trying to draw attention to hidden human rights violations. He was promoted in Australia pay attention to the situation of detained asylum seekers. In Burundi, he met the victims of the massacres and called on President Buyoya and other parties to the conflict to end the cycle of human rights violations. in Bulgaria campaigned to end discrimination against those with intellectual disabilities. He met in Mexico mothers of young women murdered in Ciudad Juárez and took their claims to court President Fox. In Spain, he met with survivors of the March 11 attacks in Madrid. He met King in Nepal Gyanendra to discuss the deplorable human rights situation in the country.

With an interest in working directly with people to change their lives, Irene assisted in the search for improvement organization Concern Universal in 1977 and began working as a human rights activist in International Commission of Jurists in 1979. Irene joined the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in 1980 and has worked in various capacities.

positions at headquarters and in field operations in support of international refugee protection. faN In the years 1991-95, the chief director was Mrs. Sadako Ogata, former UN High Commissioner for Refuges. In 1995, he was appointed as UNHCR’s Head of Mission in India as the youngest UNHCR currently Country Representative and in 1998 Head of the UNHCR Center for Research and Research Documentation. During Kosovo, he led the UNHCR team in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia crisis in 1999 and was appointed Deputy Director for International Protection later that year. Irene studied law at the University of Manchester and Harvard Law School, specializing in public affairs.

international law and human rights. He is the recipient of several academic awards, the Ford Foundation Fellowship, 2006 City of Sydney Award, 2002 Pilkington Woman of the Year Award and John Owens Distinguished Alumni Award at the University of Manchester. He received an award PhD from Ferris University (Japan) and Staffordshire University (UK). He was one of the chosen ones 100 Most Influential Asians and one of the 100 Most Influential Muslims in the UK.
Irene is a citizen of Bangladesh.

In this post, you will find 9 pictures of Irene Khan (irenesarah) with her husband Waseem Stark.

Waseem Stark is a beat maker and song writer.

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