Kim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and Children

  • Name: Kim Kardashian ( Kim Kardashian )
  • Birthday: October 21, 1980 (age 41)
  • Who was born on this day: find out Place of
  • birth: Los Angeles
  • Height: 159 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Libra ( characteristic )
  • Eastern horoscope: Monkey
  • Career: blogger , model , TV show star

Kim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and Children


Kim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and ChildrenKim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and Children
Kim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and Children

American model and actress Kimberly “Kim” Noel Kardashian (Kim Kardashian, spelled Kim Kardashian) is a star of popular American reality shows (“The Kardashians”, “Dancing with the Stars”), co-owner of a fashion network. Boutique, ex-wife of rapper Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and Children
Kim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and Children


Kim Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California on October 21, 1980. The beauty has Armenian roots in her blood (on her father’s side), as well as Dutch and Scottish roots on her mother’s side. The same girl says half Armenian (one quarter Russian, one quarter Turkish Armenian), one quarter Dutch, one quarter Scottish.

The future celebrity’s childhood was spent in trendy Beverly Hills. Kim’s father is famed attorney Robert Kardashian, who defended actor and rugby player Ojay Simpson in court, accused of killing his ex-wife and her lover. There was a lot of evidence against the man, but Oji Simpson was largely exonerated thanks to the Kardashians. Kim’s father died in 2003.

Kim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and Children
Kim Kardashian Weight, Height, Net worth and Children

Kim Kardashian’s mother, socialite celebrity Kris Jenner, is now her daughter’s manager. The parents of the future model divorced when the girl was only nine years old. Two years later, my mother remarried – she chose the former famous athlete Bruce Jenner. Years later, Bruce changed his gender and became a woman, now known as Caitlin.

Kim Kardashian has 9 siblings. Two sisters – Kourtney and Chloe as well as brother Rob. With the arrival of a new father, the girl got half-brothers Barton, Brandon and Protee Jenner. Kim also has a half-sister, Casey Jenner, and two half-sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.
Until the age of 18, Kim’s wealthy parents did not limit him at all. On his 16th birthday, they gave him a fancy car. But as soon as the girl celebrated the majority, the beauty began to allocate much less money for pocket expenses so that Kim could learn to do herself. Later, the Kardashian sisters opened their own fashion boutique. Her clients were Kardashian star friends and girlfriends.

Kim rose to fame when the entire Kardashian family starred in the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which aired on American television in October 2007. Since then, their nickname has become an integral part of newspapers, Kim and her sisters. . Hollywood century-old party regulars, along with Nicki, Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.


Kim tried to disown her participation in the video and claimed that it was edited by her detractors. However, when the girl filed a lawsuit against a company that planned to distribute a DVD with “strawberries”, she indirectly confessed to her exploits. However, many assume that the scandal was orchestrated by Kim herself in order to raise her level of popularity. By the way, Kim took the lawsuit against the company that owned the video, receiving $ 5 million as compensation.

However, after the sex scandal, Kim began to actively expose herself in front of camera lenses for men’s magazines.


In 2008, Kim participated in the Dancing with the Stars program, collaborating with professional dancer Mark Ballas. The couple started the show three weeks after the project started. When Kim learned of the failure, she ran backstage in tears, while her entire family reassured her.

In August 2010, the model became a producer of the reality show “The Spin Crowd”. The project talked about the life of two PR agents, Simon Hack and Jonathan Chaiban. In parallel, Kim made a career in the modeling business. In 2007 she posed nude for the December issue of the popular men’s magazine Playboy. A few months later, Bongo Jeans introduced this girl as an advertising face.

Kim Kardashian’s first notable role was in the TV series Beyond the Break. And then, in 2008, she appeared on the screens in the role of Lisa in the parody film Unreal Blockbuster, which brought her a nomination for the Golden Raspberry anti-award. This was followed by an episodic role in the TV series How I Met Your Mother.

In the fall of 2009, Kardashian announced that she and her sisters were going to become a fashion designer for the Bebe fashion brand, and at the same time she was developing a jewelry line for the famous brand Virgin Saints and Angels.

A collection of clothes from Kim Kardashian appeared on the shelves in February 2010. Girls’ clothes were a mix of cotton and leather, and feminine and sexy styles similar to what the sisters wore every day dominated the lines. In the summer of 2010, the Kardashian sisters announced that they would be releasing a new line called K-Dash.

2016: Kim Kardashian loses weight after second birth

Also in 2010, Kim launched her own perfume, Kim Kardashian. In the same year, the girl created the Kardashian Glamor Tan tanning cream, which is sold by the cosmetics chain Sephora.

In July 2010, Kim Kardashian’s wax figure appeared at the Tussauds Museum in New York.

In November 2010, it was reported that Kim Kardashian was planning to record a music album. The girl is already working with the producer of Dream. It was he who was nominated for the Grammy Award for Rihanna’s single “Umbrella”.

Kim has already described her path of life, success, defeat, and her experience in her book. In the Kardashian sisters’ autobiography, Kardashian, “fun childhood facts, secrets of beauty and style, wisdom learned from fathers, and far-flung laws from mothers who support them in life and business.” Airtight “.

The Kardashian sisters’ book is still flying off the shelves
A photo of Kim Kardashian with champagne caused quite a stir on the Web – the girl raised the glass to her impressive fifth point and caught champagne splashes from the bottle she was holding in her hands.


Like any socialite, Kim Kardashian reveals her private life. In early 2000, 19-year-old Kim Kardashian became the wife of music producer Damon Thomas. However, her marriage did not last long. In 2004, the relationship ended in divorce. The girl called domestic violence a cause of family breakdown. However, the ex-husband has always denied that he started the divorce on his own because he couldn’t stand Mr Kim’s constant betrayals.

In 2007, the girl began a relationship with NFL star Reggie Bush. However, a long and solid relationship did not follow. The two split in July 2009, reunited two months later, and split completely in March 2010.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush


In April 2010, Kim Kardashian was discovered on a date with renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Three months later, she succumbed to the charm of Miles Austin, the girl already a Dallas Cowboys receiver, and she was dating him for the next three months. After that, Kim became interested in New Jersey Nets basketball forward Kris Humphries.

The wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphreys was a publicity stunt


In 2011 the couple married. Kim invited more than five hundred guests, including Hollywood celebrities, to this wedding. Kardashian spent approximately $75,000 on her wedding dress, and the total cost of an extravagant wedding exceeded $10 million. However, it soon became apparent that the marriage was nothing more than a pre-planned PR campaign to boost the ratings of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. After 72 days, Kardashian and Humphreys split. A few days after the divorce, Kim announced that she was in a relationship with rapper Kanye West. She later shared with the press that their romance started two years ago.

Wedding photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The couple quickly connected to continue their family, and in June 2013, Baby North (“North”) West was born. Kim gave birth prematurely in 5 weeks. Shortly after the birth of his daughter, Kanye asked his girlfriend to become his wife.

Kim and Kanye’s wedding – the third in Kim Kardashian’s story – took place on May 24, 2014. The festival was truly magnificent. The couple married in Paris, after which a series of private jets ferried the newlyweds and guests to Florence and the medieval fortress of Belvedere. During the ceremony, Kim changed four outfits. The most luxurious of these was a Givenchy wedding dress. At the pre-wedding party, Lana Del Rey hosted guests, which cost the newlyweds nearly three million dollars to perform.

And in December 2015, he again appeared in the star family – Kim had a son, from whom it was decided to name Saint (“Saint”). Kim Kardashian appeared less in public after the birth of her second child. The star actively tried to lose weight, because during the second pregnancy she gained more than 15 kg. But if Kim successfully copes with the weight gain, the doctors’ words that it was better for her not to give birth now sounds like a bolt from the blue, as Kim has always dreamed of having a big family. But the first and second births were difficult. During the second pregnancy, the placenta grew strongly in the uterus and the doctors insisted on a hysterectomy.

Kim Kardashian has four children

Thanks to her surrogate mother, Kim did not have to give up her dream of a large family. On January 15, 2018, little Chicago was born to a woman who hid the name Kim. In May 2019, the couple’s fourth child was born. Kim boasted, “I’m the calmest of all kids.” As in the previous case, the couple showed incredible imagination in choosing the name. At that time, Westy was seriously interested in religion, so the boy’s name was Salmi.

In early 2021, Kim announced that she and Kanye were divorcing. This was preceded by a scandal during the rapper’s election campaign: he wanted to run for president and called the ban on abortion in the United States one of the points of his program. At the same time, Kanye made public very intimate information – it turned out that when Kim was carrying their first child, they were considering terminating the pregnancy. Later, Kim hinted at her husband’s bipolar disorder and admitted that Kanye is a very difficult person and she often finds it difficult with him.

But this episode was only the final point, and before that everything was not easy in a couple:

Now Kardashian and West continue to communicate. Then, in October 2021, they were seen at a joint dinner. For the sake of common children, they decided to at least maintain friendly relations. And fans of this beautiful couple do not give up hope of meeting again.


Skims is Kim Kardashian’s lingerie brand.
Kim Kardashian at Met Gala 2021

Kim Kardashian’s account is one of the most popular accounts across social networks. With over 250 million followers, it’s no exaggeration to say that Kim Kardashian continues to establish fashion trends for millions of women around the world.

Kim is actively promoting the lingerie brand Skims, which was launched at the end of 2019. The brand’s mission is to provide beautiful and fashionable lingerie for women of all sizes. In October 2021, Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fook appeared in an advertising campaign and ate cherries with each other.

At the 2021 Met Gala, Kim Yuna surprised all guests with her outfit and became an internet meme champion. She appeared on the red carpet in a black Balenciaga dress that covered her face and full body.

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