Peter Attias Wife Info & Pics, Children & Parents 2022

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Peter Attias Wife Info & Pics, Children & Parents 2022
Peter Attias Wife Info & Pics, Children & Parents 2022

In this post, you will find information and exclusive pictures of Peter Attia’s Wife, children, and parents.

Peter Attias Wife Info & Pics, Children & Parents 2022

Physician and entrepreneur Dr. Peter Attia was born in Canada on March 19, 1973. He is best known for practicing medicine that focuses on the science behind longevity and lives in San Francisco, California today.

Peter Attia went from Queen’s University to Stanford University School of Medicine, where he received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA. He spent five years working as a general surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Peter Attia also hosts a podcast called “Peter Attia Drives,” which focuses on maximizing longevity. It also covers physical and emotional health topics such as ketosis, fasting, and mental health.

The Rise to Fame of Peter Attia

Early in her career, Dr. Atia began writing articles on nutrition. He started putting these works together in a longer form and posted them on his website. Moreover, his record of swimming from Maui to Lanai in a day is amazing. He is the founder and CEO of Attia Medical, a company focused on longevity. He is currently known for hosting a podcast called “The Art of Manliness” and discussing his work through various digital channels. It is also known that he swam from Maui to Lanai in just one day.

Peter Attia and his Family

Peter Atias is the founder of the company and is married to Jill Attias. They have three children: a daughter and two sons. Their eldest daughter’s name is Olivia Attia. His family shares the touching story of how Jill saved her son’s life with CPR. Their son was only a month old and had a heart attack. Fortunately, Jill was a nurse at the time and did 3 minutes CPR on her son. They were told that appropriate measures had to be taken before their son could be rescued. Now the whole family lives a healthy and comfortable life.


Facts About Peter Attia

  • Peter attended Sir Oliver Mowat College.
  • He is a physician who co-founded the Nutrition Science Initiative.
  • He focuses on how individuals can prevent certain chronic diseases through a healthy diet.

Is Peter Attia still practicing?

Yes. Peter Attia is the founder of Attia Health, which focuses on health sciences. This medical practice has offices in San Diego and New York City.

What companies does Peter Attia invest in?

Peter Attia is also an investor. He has already invested millions of dollars in several companies including Human Company, Verta Health, Invitable Ventures (Maui Nui), Athletic Greens, Saluto Cereals and Supercast.

Is Peter Attia a surgeon?

Peter Attia is an orthopedic surgeon from San Diego who has been practicing medicine for 11 to 20 years. He received his MD from the Stanford University School of Medical Sciences.

Is Peter Attia board certified?

Peter Attia has his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine. He also has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. It is licensed in both California and New York.

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