Yaroslav Dronov Biography,height,Weight

Yaroslav Dronov Biography, height, Weight

Birthday: November 22, 1991
Age: 30 years
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Birth place: Russia
Yaroslav Dronov Biography
Yaroslav Dronov Biography
Yaroslav Dronov Height
In centimeters: 181 cm
In feet: 5 ft 11 in
In inches: 71 in
Yaroslav Dronov Weight
In kilograms: 75 kg
In pounds: 165 lbs
Yaroslav Dronov Appearance
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Light brown


Biography of Yaroslav Dronov: Yaroslav Dronov (SHAMAN) is a Russian singer, musician and composer. An unknown local artist made a loud announcement about Factor A and a voice show, the starting point of his solo musical career.

Childhood and youth

Yaroslav Dronov Biography
Yaroslav Dronov Biography

Yaroslav Dronov was born on November 22, 1991 in Novomoskovsk, Tula Oblast. The boy had been prescribed to study music since he was born. He was born a musician. His grandmother was a soloist in the Orenburg Choir, his father played acoustic and electric guitar, and his mother always sang well.

“I study and work in Moscow, but I still think Novomoskovsk is my favorite home,” the musician admitted.

Yaroslav has always wanted to be a singer. As a child, he performed in the Assorti team, where he got used to the stage and quickly gained popularity among his peers. After the music school, the next stage in his biography was studying at a music college with a degree in folk choir director, and in 2011 he tried to enter the famous Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

The first time he failed to pass the exams, but a year later the guy from Novomoskovsk became a full-fledged student of the Russian Academy of Music, where he began to study at the faculty of pop-jazz singing. At that time, Dronov performed as part of the Red Sky group.

“Factor a”

In 2013, Yaroslav participated in the third season of the Factor A project. From the first episode, rumors spread among show attendees that Alla Pugacheva included Doronov on her favorite list. None of his performances would have gone without prima donna praise and wise criticism.

In the Factor A project, Dronov appeared under the direction of Roman Emellanov, composing hang gliders, no one wrote to the colonel, airports and more. As a result, Yaroslav not only reached the final round of the tournament, but also finished third. In addition, she received a nominal award from the diva “Golden Star Alla”. It was a great stepping stone for the young singer’s career.

Yaroslav Dronov Biography
 Yaroslav Dronov Biography

Show “Voice”

In September 2014, a new, third season of the Voice show started , where Dronov also went. During the so-called “blind audition”, two members of the jury immediately turned to the performer - Dima Bilan and Pelageya . The singer performed the song “You Know”. The boy’s parents did not suspect anything:

“If they had known that I would be participating in the audition, they would have been worried and nervous a lot more than me.”

Having the opportunity to choose, the musician decided to join the Pelageya team. At the fight stage, Yaroslav took the stage against Zarif Norov with the song Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes . The participants gave 100%. No one was indifferent to her explosive performance. The audience was immediately enthusiastic and applauded for a long time. Referring to the performers, Alexander Gradsky stated that the performance was “good and evil”.

Pelageya decides to leave Yaroslav. She said: “He was great. Zarif had to leave the project. At the knockout, Dronov sang the song “God, what a trivial thing!” The musician co-starred with Alisa Ignatieva and Ivan Chebanov. The singer was no longer enthusiastic about the competition and knew that the judges had liked the performance even before the results were announced. However, as Yaroslav himself admitted, this stage is emotionally more difficult than other stages.

In the quarter-finals, the participants faced Ilya Kireyev and Anastasia Gravatsky. This is where Pelageya decided to try his luck and did not lose. In this live broadcast, Yaroslav’s words were completely new. He performed the popular song “When I was young”. Dronov himself came up with this combination, and the coach supported and developed this idea.

Spectators and judges alike were mesmerized by the unusual singing, presentation and improvisation of a member of Pelageya’s crew. The press declared this performance by Dronov and other participants as the strongest moment of the competition.

Yaroslav was completely different, and therefore the coach admitted that “no one expected this from him”. Based on the results of observing three performances in his community, Pragia distributed the votes as follows: Dronov received 50%, coach Ilya Krief – 20%, and Anastasia Gravatskiev – 30%.

As Yaroslav later admitted, at that moment he disappeared into the music and did not follow the reaction of the coach and the audience, so high scores and victory in the quarterfinals surprised the singer. Viewers supported Perageya’s opinion and sent Dronov to the semi-finals of “Voice”.

The Perageya team, which was only one step away from the finals, had two participants, Yaroslav and Ali Saigunatieva. The musician had to play a decisive round ticket. And again, the trainer decided to introduce the participants to him in a new way. Dronov played Valerie Kiplov’s song “I am here”.

That day, Garik Skachev appeared on stage with Alice and Yaroslav. To support the Peragia team, Garrick invited everyone to play the song “Olga” together. This newly formed trio was the setting for the evening.

When calculating the percentage of public votes and mentors, Yaroslav was clearly ahead of Ignatieva at 74.4% at 125.6%. The right to defend the honor of the Pelagia team in the final went to Dronov. In the final, she performed ‘Song of the Real Indian’ and ‘Spring Won’t Come for Me’ as a duet with her mentor.

Dronov did not become the winner of the project, taking second place, losing to another team. Nevertheless, “Voice” brought popularity to this young musician. Yaroslav was recognized during the show: he was greeted with flowers before concerts, music forums and social networks were filled with declarations of love.

Solo career

After the vocal show, he performed a solo concert at Crocus Town Hall and began to gain momentum in his musical singing ability.

From 2014 to 2017, Dronov was the soloist of the cover band Chas Rush, which included more than 1000 concerts in Moscow and Russian cities. In 2017, the performer left the group and began to work solo. The singer recorded a cover version. Many songs became popular, such as the song “Dancing on Glass” by Max Fadeev performed by Yaroslav.

Dronov signed an agreement with the Russian record label Atlantic Records Russia (until March 2021 – Zhara Music), whose artists also include Morgenstern , Emin , DAVA and other famous musicians.

Since 2020, the performer has been performing under the pseudonym SHAMAN (Shaman). According to Yaroslav, he himself is engaged in the entire creative part of the project, implementing his own creative solutions, visual ideas, images, including the creation and production of songs.

The artist uploads new songs on his YouTube channel . In 2020, he presented to the subscribers such tracks as “Ice”, “Remember Me” and the clip “If You Are Not”. In 2021 his discography was full of songs like Fly Away, Melt and Wet Rain. And at the end of 2021, he played the song “Late” by Natalia Podskaya with Alexander Ivanov, known as the pseudonym of IVAN.

By this time, the composition “Fly Away” had spread through word of mouth and was popular not only among young people, but also attracted the attention of producers. Immediately, Victor Drovish contacted the singer and offered to help Yaroslav. They agreed on a parity restriction that Russian composers would perform on behalf of the nova. Now Dronov works under the label “First Musical”.

Personal life

Yaroslav met his first wife at a music school in Novomoskovsk. She was only 15 years old, and Marina worked as a local singing teacher. After five years of relationship, both of them decided to make their relationship official. After two years of marriage, a daughter named Barbara appeared in the family.

It is known that while the singer worked in Moscow, his wife and daughter lived in Novomoskovsk. In 2017, the couple broke up, and Dronov did not comment on the reason for the breakup.

Currently, the musicians are single and prefer to keep their personal life a secret. This artist uploads photos and newly released songs on his page in social networks.

Yaroslav Dronov now

In 2022, the artist’s discography was replenished with the song “Let’s get up”, which was in no way inferior to the success of the cover of “Fly Away”. The patriotic mix is ​​an instant hit on YouTube and TikTok. In an interview, the singer shared that he composed the song himself, that it was a new style for him and that he indulged more in his inner feelings.

By this time, Yaroslav had given his first major solo concert and was preparing for a tour of Russian cities. In April, the singer received the MUSIC BOX GOLD award.

Interesting Facts

  1. Dronov entered the cast of Tahir Mammadov ’s melodrama “Voices of a Big Country” (2016), in which the main roles were played by participants in various seasons of the “Voice” show.
  2. The performer explained his unusual pseudonym with the sensations that he experiences when going on stage. From it escapes “element and essence.” And the singer’s fans called him Shaman long before the start of his solo career.
  3. The singer works on his songs independently – he writes both the text and the music. So, Yaroslav is sure, he achieves the transfer of the audience to the music that he hears himself.


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